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"Welcome to Our Home"

Shortly after their wedding in 2006, Heather and Roland Martino knew their destiny.

Roland owned and administrated a large assisted living facility for seniors in Tampa.  Heather is also an established entrepreneur who built a successful mortgage business from a young age.  However, it was their mutual love of travel that would eventually lead them into the hospitality industry. 

Heather and Roland spent a lot of time traveling around Florida--and all over the world.  They had the opportunity to see a lot of great places and enjoyed making new friends across different cultures.  When the opportunity to purchase the famous Vinoy House in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida was presented to them, they knew it was fate.  The inn's rich history and its role in shaping downtown St. Pete's travel boom in the early 1900s sealed the deal.

"We felt we could really do something good for the community," said Roland.  "We knew we could bring her back."  The Martinos decided to take on a dramatic restoration of the home to revive it's past elegance--much to the delight of the area's smiling preservationists.  "It was clear we had done a good job," Heather noted--referring to the inn's grand re-opening.  "Even the management of the Renaissance Vinoy Resort was truly impressed."

During their times away from the inn, you'll find Roland and Heather discovering new tropical ports and enjoying the shopping, attractions and water sports they have to offer.
They hope you'll do the same while you're discovering downtown St. Petersburg, The Suncoast and The Historic Beach Drive Inn.
Please call our home your home and thank you for visiting us!!

Join us at the Beach Drive Inn Bed and Breakfast in St. Petersburg, FL
Discover Our Unique Charm

It's sure to happen.
  The moment you walk in the front door, you will know you made the right decision.  You already knew the location was great--close to everything in downtown St. Pete.  But now, you've opened our front door and have been swept back in time by our beautifully restored hardwood floors and original fireplace. Then the classic yet contemporary furnishings in the guest lounge area and dining room catch your eye.  Before even seeing our famous rooms, you know this is it. 

We're happy you feel that way because we've put our hearts and souls into the "re-animating" of the Beach Drive Inn.  We wanted it to be as great as it was in its hey-day.  Many enthusiasts in Northeast St. Pete and the historical society have been cheering us on all the way!  Yeah, we worked hard for that response so YOU could enjoy it. 

Thanks for joining us.
 It's just the beginning of the type of stay dreams are made of.

Let us know how we can make your stay the best ever.

Heather & Roland Martino

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The Beach Drive Inn is privately owned.  While we are great friends, the only thing we share with our neighbor, the Renaissance Vinoy Hotel, is our
rich history.

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